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* One leading source of wedding day stress stems from missing accessories such as gloves, hair ornaments, lapel pins and even bouquets (to name a few). A simple tip to avoid the forgotten "day of" accessories is to place all accessories in a specified or labeled container and have the container designated to one individual as a main task. This ensures that all accessories are together and accounted for.

*Most brides easily overspend significantly for their wedding. If not checked, a wedding budget may more than double during the engagement period. This is often as a result of either getting caught up in the excitement of the ceremony details or allowing "others" to implement their take on how "your" wedding should go. You DO NOT WANT TO START YOUR MARRIAGE BROKE. Think before you spend. Give your marriage a healthy start; be wise as to your needs after your wedding ceremony such as potential bills, funds to purchase a car or a home.

* A person's body can change a lot in six months. Therefore, if buying your dress early, it is suggested that one purchase gowns in a size up in case of alterations. Basically, you can still plan ahead but the point is that one should not buy a dress with the intention of , "I am going to loose some weight and then it would fit perfectly." For example: If one is a size 5, it might be unhealthy and unwise to buy a size 1 or 0 wedding gown with an unrealistic intention to fit into it come the wedding day. Instead, a bride may commit to be fit by eating healthy and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eat in moderation and when you eat, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables like greens, lettuce, spinach (when I say vegetable, I don't mean corn and potatoes-these are carbohydrates) as well as fish and dry nuts. Please, do not cut off carbohydrates but do reduce your red meat intake.

Did you know that the three main show stoppers at a wedding are: 1)inadequate refreshments ( mostly drinks), 2) YES...I said it, "sucky music" and 3) horrible food. Darling have been dreaming of your wedding day and put so much effort into outlining a menu for your official "Mr. & Mrs. Meal". After all your hard work, make sure that you choose the right caterer to make this special mealtime a worthy experience and investment. DIY Brides, please, and please...I can never over emphasize that you should not use key family members or individuals who have key roles in your ceremony for food prep:-)

This would increase your stress levels in more ways than one! 1) What if they miss the ceremony 2) What if they accidentally screw up the food? 3) What if they do take part in everything and your food still turns up late and cold or worse...they did not get to it and ... no food? 4) What if someone decided to pull a last minute menu switch due to lack of time, or spite or some other reason? 5) What if your food shows up and looked great but it wasn't well handled... then you spend your Honeymoon On The Potty? Oh! Your guests too...Get the picture? When it comes to the meal on your special day, like every other important part of your wedding, be sure to dot your i's and cross your t's:-) This way you get to enjoy peace of mind and delicious food with your guests.

* You can save a lot of time and money by setting up a candy or/and cookie buffet rather than spending a fortune on other types of favors. Simply get and arrange various heights of clear glass/ crystal vases and fill with some of your favorite candies or cookies. Don't forget to put out some napkins, a scoop in each vase as well as whatever favor bags or boxes you like. You may also set up a decadent coffee and tea station. --->

Sweeten Your Reception:-)


Brides Did You Know...

*Do you have a maid of honor or bridesmaids? Who are these ladies? Really? Brides did you know that a lot of consideration should go into choosing individuals for these critical roles on your special day? A maid of honor is your right hand, your ace and her duty is to attend to your special needs on your wedding day if needed. The roles of the bridesmaids and maid of honor is not just to stand in and look pretty. A chosen member of the wedding train should be able to rise to "the task" when required to make sure that the special day goes smooth. The same is applicable to the best man and grooms men. Brides choose these players carefully so that if you find yourself in a bind and need help you can breath a little easier knowing that caring trustworthy and competent individuals are there and willing to lend a hand.

Brides:-) love beautiful blooms but those allergies got you blue? Consider a high end silk bloom options for your event:-) Did you know that you can get the look of real flowers with "High End" silk flowers? Sometimes these may cost more than fresh flowers but weigh the joy of thoroughly enjoying your wedding allergy free! Tears of joy rather than allergy eyes and you still get a gorgeous presentation:-) Best of both worlds at your wedding reception:-)

* Here's a wedding day beauty tip for you... please, do not get a facial the day before or the day of your wedding. Lots can go wrong such as peeling of the skin, bumps and other skin irritations sometimes due to normal skin sensitivity, reaction to new products etc. It's advisable to stick to products that your skin is already used to when it comes to creams and make-up. If you are going to try something new, consider testing it at least about two weeks out or sooner.

Is your wedding guest list out of control? Do you feel like you cannot cut anyone out even though your budget is tight? Here are some ways you can manage the situation: 1) Food is among the big ticket items on the wedding budget and can easily run- up one's costs. Consider having a buffet but utilize servers for portion control. 2) Also, use 8 inch or 9 inch dinner plates instead of a 10 inch or 12 inch plates. This will also help with portion control and minimize waste. 3) Another major ticket item on the wedding budget is drinks. Guests tend to pick up bottles and not finish their drinks; plus, bottles and cans end up increasing one's "cost per person" besides generating excess trash. To trim costs in this area, consider utilizing drink dispensers for your refreshments and provide 8 oz or 9 oz cups for portion control and to minimize waste. 4) When buying beer, depending on the size of your event, applying a beer keg option might be one's best bet. 5) Alcoholic beverages does not have to be just beer, wine and champagne.

Create more variety and cut your cost at the same time by making "dirty punch" and using drink dispensers. Your wedding can be delightful regardless of a tight budget and making accommodations for unexpected guests. Just apply the above tips and use your imagination;-)

Hello internet age:-) Today's savvy brides are planning most details about their big day online and sometimes even purchasing that special dress ONLINE!!! Under normal circumstances one could view this as a time saving move right? Wrong! There is nothing like physically trying on the dress at the store. It is unfortunate that some brides have had to learn this the hard way weather it be the brides maid dresses that arrive in poor condition i.e low quality fabric and often dresses/ products that look nothing like what was ordered. Worse, some brides ( last minute brides) get their wedding gowns at the last minute only to discover that it was "soooo" not what they thought was purchased. Basically, buyer beware and make sure that if you purchase your dresses online, you do so from a reputable store and preferably one that has a local storefront as well.

WEDDING BELLS 2020- 2021?!!!
It's Summer!!! 2020 !:-)
"Love is in the air."
Bet your Individual new year resolutions were seriously altered by the current Covid-19 pandemic!
Say Goodbye to 2018:-)
2021 Come on over!!! Resolve to be organized in the coming year and pandemic- proof your wedding plans. Being organized offers numerous benefits. If you plan to get married next year, it's time to start your planning if you have not already began.
Giving oneself at least about six months is important to make sure that all loose ends are tied as regards planning and executing an event or wedding. And remember, even the best planned events may still get a little bumpy not to talk about when dealing with a pandemic.
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