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Zumba:-) Join The Party! Classes Now In Session

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Networking This Friday

                                          Our Network Marketing Group
Invites You and Your Guests to
Come Grow Your Business With Us This Friday!

ZUMBA:-) Join The Party!

Zumba Classes Finally:-)
@ Micon The Ballroom
3508 Harwood Road 
Suite 202 
Bedford, Texas 76021

Wedding Budget
wedding budgetBrides Did You Know...
*Most brides easily overspend significantly for their wedding. If not checked, a wedding budget may more than double during the engagement period. This is often as a result of either getting caught up in the excitement of the ceremony details or allowing "others" to implement their take on how "your" wedding should go. Anyone who is not footing the bill should not be allowed to make decisions on details of major financial consequences:-)  

Network Luncheon Friday August 30th, 2013

our network marketing
Our Network Marketing Group
Invites You and Your Guests to
Come Grow Your Business With Us This Friday!

  Micon the Ballroom
3508 Harwood Road #202, Bedford TX. 76021
(located in the southeast corner of Harwood and Highway 121)
Networking 11:30-12:00       Lunch 12:00-1:00
Lunch is catered every week by Chef Tyler Brown, 
owner of Fusion Under Glass Catering
This Week’s Menu:
Assorted Gourmet Sandwiches, New England Clam Chowder and Garden Salad
The cost is $12 per person, including tax.

Forgotten Wedding Items
brides did you know...
wedding day stressBRIDES DID YOU KNOW...
* One leading source of wedding day stress stems from missing accessories such as gloves, hair ornaments, lapel pins and even bouquets (to name a few). A simple tip to avoid the forgotten "day of" accessories is to place all accessories in a specified or labeled container and have the container designated to one individual as a main task. This ensures that all accessories are together and accounted for.

Men's Couture Style Consultant- J. HILBURN

2013 Bedford Texas Fall Bridal
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Friday Business Networking Group

our network marketing
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2013 Bedford Texas Fall Bridal Show


ZUMBA CLASSES... Coming Soon!

zumba at micon the ballroom
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